Jardin Des Pensées

The brief

Create a brand identity from scratch for a chain of funeral florists. The client wanted a strong identity that came close to a jeweler's gouache. The eponymous brand "Jardin Des Pensées" must have the pansy in its symbol. Navigating in a universe that is both traditional and in great demand for innovation.
The concept behind the brand is to offer high quality floral arrangements at the same prices as the players in the current market. The strength of the brand: a very experienced founder who chaired a chain of "floral haute couture" workshops.


Average cost in euros of a funeral


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Size of the French funeral market


As you can see, the french market is populated with old fashion logo and no care are taken to the designs. It does tell that big brands florists don't really make any efforts to enhance the customer experience and to produce high quality floral creations.
My client wanted exactly the opposite of what florists are doing, he wants an identity that reflects his love for flowers and his artistic creations.

The brief response

BEING DIFFERENT / being atypical

Analysis of the websites of the main French and American competitors shows that the "winner-takes-all" strategy is tending to wither in the flower world. Thus, the most beautiful leaps in business are the small brands with a worked, elegant identity and a specialized brand discourse.
Brands like Monceau or Proflowers in the US act as quick relief solutions for people in the “remote” family circle.
Indeed, these brands capitalize on the notoriety of their name and have a very wide, even “sparse” offer.
The bottom line: a brand strategy focused on personalization and emotion would be new in the market and would be differentiating. It is therefore necessary to have an aesthetic and elegant approach to brand identity, in order to increase interest in the new brand tenfold.

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