The brief

Uptimistic will be present on youtube with video interviews of successful personalities (athlete, battered woman, entrepreneur…). It will also have a site with articles on stories and scientific analyzes on how to become better by thinking positive (eating better, exercising, getting up early in the morning ...) The company will also launch challenges to share.

Create an Uptimistic graphic concept through a strong logo in character. It will be the basis of the visual identity of the company and will live on different media in a dynamic way in order to have a "Top of mind" logo.


Variations of the posters


Brand entry market


Followers six months goal

The brief response


Developing: state and not status, we are developing, we are not developed. Impossible as a human to stagnate.
Logo that suggests detachment, like a rocket leaving dry land (le commun, la doxa, agreed / consensual) to go to other stratospheres, to the unknown / adventure and therefore discovery, self-discovery. A new start, an adventure to refocus on yourself and find himself. An iniatic journey, to take off to better find oneself / to find oneself.
The human is at the heart of this concept, all round, almost childish curves. At the origins of existence / life (cell form). Personal evelopment is work on to be magnanimous is to have a "great soul" (etymologically), the logo evokes it because the "i" grow up.

Brief response tonality
brand artistic research

Acrylic negative print, Gelli Print, 200x200mm

Stellar movement, comets crossing the sky. An extraordinary force animates them and pushes them towards the unknown in a spark of light.
Coral color ; powerful but also sweet. It adapts very well to digital and brings modernity to print media.

Print campaign
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