Arizona Love

The brief

ARIZONA LOVE was founded in 2018 by French designer Leslie Halfon. After a summer spent in sunny Arizona, and nourished by landscapes and the vibrant atmosphere of the place, the designer took it as her inspiration to create shoes reflecting his experience. Handcrafted, the sandals brand signatures modernize the classic trekky model with straps made of "vintage bandanas". Perfect for the holidays, its models offer flawless comfort and no shortage of style, thanks to paisley patterns and leopard.

Due to its international fashion positioning, this young brand plays with seasons, since it can sell all year round in both Hemispheres. In France, with far-flung holiday destinations from November to March, in the South Pacific, Asia and the Caribbean.
The next challenge is to continue to establish itself as a leading brand of fun & fashion moments, surf the Hippie chic trend, IBIZA style.


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The brief response

BEING DIFFERENT / being atypical

Arizona Love, sandals that promote inhibition, assertion and risk taking.
The Arizona Love woman surprises with her naturalness, takes initiative and laughs at every situation.
A freedom allowing him to fulfill all his desires and to fully experience new things
experiences. Exuberant, fearless and intuitive. She lives her life against the tide.

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