Dior Sauvage

The brief

The final poster should be composed of a single image with the body visible or suggested. From the word sauvage, I needed to represent a strong visual concept that conveins a raw energy. The brief mentioned that the image should be extremely clear and meaningful. The visual will be the subject of a photo shoot which can be retouched if necessary for the subject.


Variations of the posters


Of the target search for inspiration on Instagram


Average selling price of shoes

The brief response

BEING DIFFERENT / being atypical

Arizona Love, sandals that promote inhibition, assertion and risk taking.
The Arizona Love woman surprises with her naturalness, takes initiative and laughs at every situation.
A freedom allowing him to fulfill all his desires and to fully experience new things
experiences. Exuberant, fearless and intuitive. She lives her life against the tide.

Brief response tonality
Print campain
Before/After retouching
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