The brief

Based in the heart of the Ménilmontant district, we are setting up a common project: a living bookstore. Our project is an atypical bookstore with more than 26,000 references, an exceptional collection of picture books with imports, fanzines, serigraphs, comics, drawing, illustration, graphics, photography but also human and social sciences, literature, poetry and youth.
This project will also include: A beautiful terrace in Ménilmontant with a good coffee, cold drinks and some pastries. A lively place with events several times a week (meetings, signatures, debates, concerts…).
We are looking for a name for our future bookstore. We want to communicate for all people neighborhood, create a lively place, social ties and a space for sharing. We want to attract a fairly large target: 25/45 years old who is attracted to the cultural and visual environment.


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The brief response

concept : the link

Two words caught our attention: tightrope walker and fibula. Two words that open the door to universes rich and original. However, after researching the market, we noticed that a bookstore called already a tightrope walker. We are therefore going to develop the “fibula” track.
We have chosen the link as a concept. Indeed, the idea of ​​a place conducive to meetings and exchanges that it wants to be
the bookstore, goes well with the idea of ​​link.
The phrase "befriending" supports our argument and proves that a relationship in the collective imagination is between sociability and bond.

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