The brief

Create a complete identity for a young drink, which is part of the natural trend ("the drink of young people who does good "), dynamic, colorful, aiming to become a" drink reflex "for its target like the big names like Coca-Cola, 7-Up, Orangina, Ice-Tea ... but in an opposite sector (natural, without colorings, without added sugar…).
3 flavors available at launch: Energizing: pomegranate / hibiscus • Digestion: mint / green anise • Relaxation: orange / cinnamon


of French think tea is boring


of french juices are biological


of French have drunk juice during the year

The brief response

eco responsibility

We instinctively take the direction of ecology, parallel to the benefits to our bodies and to the planet being able to indulge ourselves without empowering ourselves, without harming others.
The concept of novelty / innovation combined with an ecology overused by big brands in their marketing discourse makes us want to inject our ecology. An ecology that would be specific to our brand. Our ecology: modern eco.

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Nicole Mendy
Art Director
Gaëtan Chauvel
Art Director