Les Puces Typos

The brief

Typographic design and original and uncompromising independent publishing fair, the event brings together typographers, graphic designers, publishers and freelance editors, invited to exhibit their work, sell, exchange and unearth all types of objects useful to creators. and creators of images and signs (books, movable letters, typefaces).The event is now one of the major annual meetings dedicated to graphic design and independent publishing.

For the Fonderie de l'Image Campus, the Puces typo are a pivotal graphic manifestation that is part of the educational program for learners of the establishment at different levels: discovery and contact with the vast network of professionals in the trades of art and design, promotion and enhancement of graphic creation, development and acquisition of an exhaustive and cutting-edge visual culture… It is also the moment for a unique graphic collaboration between the students and the Campus team Fonderie de l'Image through the creation of the visual of the event.


years anniversary campaign


visitors each year



The brief response


An accumulation of cultural riches, a jumble of discoveries and curiosities, an incomparable creativity. This is the direction that I have chosen to develop in the print campaign for the 10th anniversary of Puces Typos.

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